Engineering Better

Dedicated specialists on our clients' sites and a Technical Department for the internal management of resources and skills. Need support for your projects? Looking for new challenges for your professional project ?

our 3 areas
of expertise

Energies & industries

The evolution of the energy sector and industry requires investments and adaptability to meet current challenges. We participate in the implementation of advanced technologies for a transformation towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly energy and manufacturing future.

Life Science

The healthcare industry faces many complex challenges that require vigilance and innovative solutions. From the development of a product to market launch, our team supports projects by ensuring regulatory compliance and control of sensitive data.


Information management democratized by technologies has become an essential element for the sustainability of tertiary industries and businesses. We provide support in process integration, operations optimization, strategic decision-making and data security through our services.

A team, values, an organization.

Helios is distinguished by a passionate, united team focused on excellence, which knows how to demonstrate boldness, ethics and collaborative work, supported by a solid organization that enables success.

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