Energies & industries

Supply chain and purchasing

Helios was founded during a period of major disruption in the global supply chain which had a major impact on businesses and international trade. Securing a continuous supply of quality raw materials and components, at the right time and at optimal cost has become a real challenge for industries.

This involves stock management to avoid shortages and surpluses, selecting reliable and competitive suppliers, reducing logistics costs and implementing purchasing processes to respond to market trends.

Our teams of buyers, suppliers, methods engineers, logisticians, and project managers support you in achieving your objectives.

  • Management of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Consolidation of procurement strategies
  • Price negotiation (consumables, raw materials, equipment, etc.)
  • Inventory optimization
  • Management of internal supply flows
  • Management of internal orders between warehouses and production
  • Creation of monitoring indicators and standardization of processes
  • Production planning, transportation
  • Support in the implementation of new management software (ERP, WMS, MRP, TMS, etc.)
  • Process standardization